Teaching English and the Need for Fun


A Guide for A (More) Fun Class

One of the common requirements that students have for any class is for it to be fun. Needless to say, those classes which are boring will really not be a good source of learning for students, because of having something good to take home with them, they end up cursing the experience for all the boredom that it’s causing them. To avoid having students sleeping their way through your class, always be careful to insert a little fun in your teaching methods and strategies. You can join a fun teaching conference abroad which tour package of sightseeing in Amsterdam per boot is also added.

You need to embrace the need for fun in your classroom.


If you a tech blog about classroom management, you’ll most likely discover that the element of fun is a necessary component. This is especially true in today’s day and age, with millenial learners who thrive on speedy and immediate results. Here are a few things you can apply so that your class can be more fun than usual.

One of the things you can do is to incorporate a game into what you’re trying to teach. Games will help students learn English by making it fun and by compelling them to think in new and different ways. After all, as that common saying goes: all work and no play makes Jack (and everyone else, of course) dull. To steer clear of this possibility, give your students enough opportunities to learn by playing games. (Try gameshow types; students love any form of competition.)

Another tip you can apply is this: play with visuals. Most of the learners today learn by seeing, so always use that piece of information to your advantage. An important way to teach language is to use visuals in order to build word association. By using visuals to promote word association, your students will be able to make stronger connections between ideas and new words that they are learning in your class. You can purchase the materials you need on online shops where you can use kortingscode bestseller only and get more discount.  If you purchase 5 sets of ink, you can save big on your printing cost with albelli kortingscode fotoboek l.

One more tip you can work with is to befriend technology and encourage your students to make use of language learning apps. One great way to teach English as a second language is to incorporate the use of targeted language applications on smart phones. Targeted language apps are a great way to reinforce what you have taught during instruction time, as students can use them to practice their language skills and to learn new phrases and words.